every money you donate, really mean to them

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The soul of humanity in every human being is absolute. Without a sense of humanity that is within us, we will walk alone without seeing anyone in the world around us, our environment and our world. Already mandate god of any religion to share and help each other fellow human beings to create a better world.

As a writer, I see many absurdities in the environment around me very much cocern me.I see the struggle of a man who fight the world just to have eating and drinking, they were only thinking about their survival to live and no time to think education, let alone luxury. As a man who has pity this certainly makes me want something to help.But my power as an individual isn’t
enough,so I need you all

In this article, I am invite you to donate your money for them, cause you donation needed by poor people who so hard to eat, and drink. Because every money from you, it will give a new spirit of life for them.

Many of them hard just to get clean drinking water, decent food to eat and education for their children.

Allocation of funds that you provided I will give directly to people who have my review in the society around me and indeed deserve it.The allocation money of donations for humanitarian purposes will be give, if the donations reached $ 500, and so on.

Help them with me...

The Donation is free as you like

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